February 3, 2015

V-Day For Your Man

Lets be honest Valentines Day is for us ladies, but you can't neglect your man completley. When it comes to shopping for your guy on V-Day it can be difficult. You can't just go buy him a big stuffed teddy bear or a dozen roses. I like to be more thoughtful on these holidays instead going out and buying him a new video games he's had his eye on. Even though that would be so much easier. This year I decided on Open When letters. My best friend did it for her bf and it was so freakin adorable! It can be time consuming depending on what you put inside the letters. All of my consist of letters with pictures, little tokens, song lyrics, and anything else I can fit into a envelope that would be sweet. Here are some examples from Pinterest. 

The next idea for your man is a photo book from Shutterfly. The come in all sorts of sizes and the prices vary. I made one for my boyfriend on our 1 year anniversary last summer. He loved it. The book is so sentimental, because it's made by you, with love.


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